The Fire Chief of the Alexandria Fire Department has begun to implement a drastic change to the City’s delivery model for emergency medical services (EMS), one that reduces medic staffing on ambulances in order to staff “firefighter medics” on fire engines.

The Fire Chief’s plan will decrease the quality of emergency medical care provided to City residents, unnecessarily increase the costs of EMS delivery in the City, and is simply bad public policy

Since being implemented, the Fire Chief’s plan has already negatively impacted City residents, and also the EMS professionals who have faithfully delivered emergency medical care in the City for over 30 years. It has also unfairly discriminated against females in the Fire Department.

Contact the City Manager and City Council members and tell them to:

  • Stop removing medics from City ambulances
  • Stop degrading the City’s existing high-quality EMS system
  • Stop discriminating against current and prospective female employees
  • Stop the Fire Chief’s plan! 

City Manager’s Office: 703-746-4300

Mark B. Jinks

City Council Offices: 703-746-4500

Mayor William D. Euille

Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg

Councilman John T. Chapman

Councilman Timothy B. Lovain

Councilwoman Redella S. “Del” Pepper

Councilman Paul C. Smedberg

Councilman Justin Wilson

If you would like more information, please contact us at Info@SaveAlexEMS.com.